friday rhapsody

“Then I went out with your face
Into a street thinking itself a street
           as if it were late afternoon”*

“Your face is a street leading down to the sea,
It’s a crossroads, your face is a water clock
You are a lily without rhyme or metre
White I breathe upon you deep blue”*
Ah, Friday! My love, my sunshine! Let be unscheduled, out of the walls, joyful and childish. Let’s call inspiration of fairy tales, star dusts and bravery of sparrows to break this vicious cycle of ‘modern (?) life’. Let’s stopped the ceaseless followers: Week & Weekend, Slavery & Freedom, Office & Road, Manic & Depression and be the part of REAL LIFE. Like Lee Smolin said in Time Reborn “We live in a universe that is always changing, full of matter that is always movingLet’s be ready to change!
Photo showing the visual reflection of my confused mind.
* Ilhan Berk, The skin my love is slippery & Perhaps I too am prose
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