I am not hopeless, I know, you will never forget us, won’t you my love?

“This love
So violent
So fragile
So tender
So hopeless
This love
As beautiful as the day”*

“Stay there
There where you are
There where you were before
Stay there
Don’t move
Don’t go away
We who are loved
We have forgotten you
Do not forget us
We had only you on this earth
Do not let us grow cold
Further and further away every day”*
A dinner in a little, cozy restaurant in Karaköy district. Gentle summer wind, tasty foods, sea smell, chatting about nothing but the recent protests, police violence and political arrests in Turkey; the perception, the masculine language of today’s world, the little brains of those governors against the wise memory of the humanity. Not as a surprise, today, very early morning, I woke up by thinking of love. I mean not the love directed to a lover but to everything. It is the one ability to transform rudeness to kindness, violent to goodness, dark side to shining one. The one that we are feeling while looking blueness of the sky, making us the part of universe. To change the manly way of today world -indeed all human history was looking manly but..- I guess, we need to unearth, growth and spread the love of goddess.
Good morning my dear goddess side!
* Jacques Prévert, This Love
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One Response to I am not hopeless, I know, you will never forget us, won’t you my love?

  1. limseeyee says:

    A happy day!!! Mind follow me?? =)

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