love n laziness

“Sit there, hmm, count your fingers.
What else, what else is there to do ?
Oh and I know how you feel,
I know you feel that you’re through.”*

“Oh wah wah ah sit there, hmm, count,
Ah, count your little fingers,
My unhappy oh little girl, little girl blue, yeah.”*
No, no, not laying in the sea-side, I’m at the office, staying in the same place like yesterday. The photo, you mean? It’s just a symbol of my mood. Day started with morning routines: ring & postpone relationship with wake up alarm, shower, traffic jam, a cup of tea, warm welcome of unreaded mails, chat screens opened just in a second after being online in Yahoo and Skype by the people having questions about something. Ah, on Wednesdays, are you also hearing mute scream rebounding in the universe of the work: CALM DOWN!  Most of the weeks I am. This Wednesday also accepted and slowed down, even became the laziest staff of the day. The summer wind, big puffy clouds, walnut tree and high humidity also had been attended my “ten minutes celebration party of laziness”. Now, we are in the next era: Taking pleasure of “Do what you want!” at the office desk. Participants of this party are online lecture of The Science of Gastronomy from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and mid sugar Turkish coffee. Am I the only one that requesting all Wednesdays as a offical holiday?
Good morning my dear lazy side!
*And Janis Joplin is singing for all blue lover little girls “Little Girl Blue”
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