all blues for all of us

“The sea, the sky, both you and I
The sea, the sky, the you and I
I know we’re all blues
All shades, all hues, all blues”*

Some blues are sad
But some are glad
Dark, sad, or bright, glad
They’re all blues
All shades, all hues, all blues
Rhythm, heart beat of life. Sometimes, while running in a hectic office day, STOP! just a second, even less than a second, a breath-taking STOP! and ask yourself: Who are you? A human being or a machine? What is the meaning of this hurry up-panic-pissed off kind of rhythm? No, no, you do not want to transform a big city white collar. Don’t you? Let’s calm down. Take a deep breath. Refresh your mind in blue. Feel the wind and sand. Go away from city life and calibrate your rhythm with the rhythm of nature. Yes, it is what I did this weekend. I saw all blues in Ağva [a little town, near to Istanbul in Black Sea side] and gave in to love and silence.
And Miles Davis is singing for the one that needs to calibrate her/his soul with music and rhythm of nature, from the album “Kind of Blue”, the song “All Blues”. A great Monday for all of us!
 *All Blues,  Miles Davis
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